PlayBox 1.5.4

A growing collection of board games.

A growing collection of board games.

In the same Box, play all your favorite game ready to go with as much variants as you need.

With this PlayBox you can play the following games against a friend or against the computer.

- Mill (2 variants)

- Chess

- Draughts

- Peg solitaire

- Mahjong Solitaire (17 variants)


Multilingual interface

Artificial intelligence with random behaviour

Mill game

Peg solitaire game

Draughts game

Mah-Jongg Solitaire game

Chess game

This PlayBox offers multiple different games at once, and each game, such as Solitaire, is provided in many variants, having all this for free makes the play box interesting.

This game is intended for fans of Solitaire, chess and the other similar games.



PlayBox 1.5.4

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